Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Email from July 2, 2010

Will's chemo started early this morning. They have him on 8 chemo medicines. He was wiped out after the introduction of these medicines into his body. He is such a sweet boy and it is so difficult to watch him go through this. We are all exhausted from the week-long rollercoaster ride. The prognosis is very good. He seems to be responding even after such a short amount of time. He rarely coughs today and has not been complaining about his heart hurting him. We aren't quite sure what to expect, but we are hopeful that within a week the tumors will start really shrinking.
We were able to talk to our Sam today. He had a very hard time with the news being so far away in Texas. Please pray for him too. We talked to him about everything. He was most concerned that everything would be alright. We assured him that the cure rates are very high and that Will has had a blessing and that in the end, all would be well. We told him to seek out a blessing from his companion, District Leader or Mission President. We talked about the fact that Will wants him to stay on his mission and the best way he can help Will right now is to pray for him and to be completely obedient and work hard. The focus on his mission will keep his mind off of Will and I know that this will help both of them in the end. It was the hardest call I have ever had to make.
The care Will is receiving is so amazing. Everyone we have met here has been so supportive and loving. The staff at the hospital treat us like family and tend to our every need. We are truly blessed to be here. It is not only the hospital but the community at large. We are staying at The Family House, like the Ronald McDonald house. The people there have been so gentle and sweet. Chris and I were waiting to catch the shuttle back to the hospital and some man who was walking up the street said with great compassion, "This is a great support you have here in this house." We are constantly rubbing elbows with angels.
Thank you all for your prayers, love and support. We feel the sustaining power you call down upon us from Heaven and are ever so grateful. We love you!
The Holdens

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