Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Email from June 30, 2010

Dear Loved Ones,
I am sitting looking out the hospital window at the beautiful Bay. What a gorgeous view. It belies all that is going on around us here. On Monday, a week after finding a huge lump in his neck and having chest pains, we took Will into the ER in Folsom. As the PA did his physical exam and touched William's neck the story was told in the split second of shock that showed on his face as he touched Will's neck. The hospital did CT scans, chest xrays, blood work and an EKG. In order to get the Oncologist to get on it and look into his problem, they admitted him to the hospital. Today after a full body scan he was taken by ambulance to the UCSF Pediatric Med Center. Chris rode with him while I packed. Lynsey, Will's best friend, rode down with me. While Lynz and I were driving down, they did a needle biopsy, which was inconclusive. Tomorrow they will be doing an incisional biopsy, where they will extract as much of the mass as they can from his neck.

Since the procedure is risky, due to the fact that there is added pressure on his trachea from the Lymph nodes, they will also be doing a bone marrow biopsy and putting a picc line in his left arm for treatment at the same time. The results are going to take about a week to come back. This means that we are here for a while. These are the facts.

What we are hearing from the doctor:

It would seem that they are certain that we are looking at lymphoma, lymph node cancer. The most obvious reason for this conclusion is the fact that I am sitting in front of this particular window. The oncologist has talked in depth with us about what is happening right now. The reason for the heart pains is due to the enlarged masses/lymph nodes in his chest. He actually called them tumors then "corrected" himself and called them lymph nodes. He said that there is also a little fluid around his heart and at the bottom of his lungs. The swollen nodes were found throughout his chest cavity and in his upper abdomen. They also think that there are some in his groin area. We talked a bit about treatment and if it is what they think it is, the answer is Chemotherapy. There are different treatments for different kinds of cancer cells. They will have to wait to be specific until they actually know what they are dealing with...obviously.

William is doing great. He is upbeat and happy... well, you know what I mean. He had a blessing at his father's hands last week and was told that he needed to look to the doctors and modern medicine and that after much fasting and much prayer and much faith, he would be healed and made whole. He was also told that he needs to be patient. This was all before we really knew anything was going on. He had the swollen glands and was feeling sick, but we never dreamed it would be this. We have faith and great hope that all will be well. It is very surreal and really hasn't sunk in yet. We will keep you posted. We are doing well. Tired and overwhelmed, but well.

Thank you so much for your fasting and prayers and faith. When we ended our fast tonight around his bed, we could feel your love and support wash over us. Please continue to keep Will in your prayers. It sounds like this is going to be a long process. We will try hard to be patient, faithful and happy. We love you. WE are grateful for your love and support and know that in the end it will all be fine.

Thank you again for your love and support.
Chris, Vicky, Will and family

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  1. WoW! My heart aches for my favorite Holdens. You guys are so remarkable and faithful and you have always been such great examples. I'm sorry that you have to endure this trial. I'm thankful that you're able to do it with such faith. William has the best heart. He was the kindest, sweetest child and I have no doubt he's grown into an even kinder, sweeter adult! You're all in my thoughts and prayers!